Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

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Advantages of SEO

  • Significant traffic driver

    Search marketing can attract a significant proportion of visitors to the site if companies are successful in implementing it.
  • Highly Targeted

    Visitors are searching for particular products or services so will often have a high intent to purchase – They are qualified visitors.
  • Potentially Low-Cost visitors

    There are no media costs for ad display or click-through. Costs arise solely from the optimization process where agencies are paid to improve positions in the search results.
  • Dynamic

    The search engine robots will crawl the home page of popular sites daily, so new content is included relatively quickly for the most popular pages of a site (less so for deep links).

Disadvantages of SEO

  • Lack of Predictability

    Compared with other media SEO is very unreliable in terms of the return on investment – it is difficult to predict results for a given investment and is highly competitive
  • Time for results to be implemented

    The results from SEO may take months to be achieved, especially for new sites.
  • Complexity and dynamic nature

    The search engines take hundreds of factors into account, yet the relative weightings are not published, so there is not a direct correlation between marketing activities and results – it is more of an art than a science. furthermore, the ranking factors change through time.
  • Ongoing Investment

    Investment needed to continue to develop new content and generate new links.

For these reasons and depending on your business, Investment in paid search may also be worthwhile. Learn more about PPC.

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