Social Media marketing growth in 2020: fast and effective results

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In 2020 social media growth will continue at a rapid rate. With new platforms continuing to appear and the increased dominance of instant video platform TikTok taking the social media craze by storm. Instagram is now becoming a must for business owners, allowing businesses to easily grow big followings through effective marketing techniques. The platform is currently evolving faster for 40 to 60-year-olds than it is for under ’20s.

Social media advertising spend is also increasing with marketers now expected to spend more $100 billion in the forthcoming years. 2019 statistics showed an ad spend of $89 billion and with the current annual growth rate of 9%, you can just start to imagine how quickly the industry is growing.

Businesses and freelancers are missing out on millions of potential customers without a clear social media strategy, It is essential to have clear goals in place so your brand has the best chance of maximising growth in 2020.

Zuonic Media over time, has ventured into using 7 different social media channels. Now with such great software available, we are able to effectively manage all channels without consuming waisted hours, manually processing all digital channels. Here are the top 3 most used social media channels we use and why…

Our top 3 Social media marketing channels


Facebook Marketing

Possibly our number 1 resource and most effective social media platform is facebook. Building and having a proficient optimized Facebook page will reward an enormous amount of benefits to your business and brand. Facebook has over 2.5 billion daily users and still the most widely used social media platform. Facebook has the ability to cover a wide range of goals including brand awareness, website traffic growth, lead generation, and online conversions

Facebook advertising and its ability to use demographics to filter through your audience and ultimately reach your targeted customers, is something businesses can’t afford to leave out. Facebook advertising allows marketers to reach customers at just £1 a day with so much range in targeting options it has to be up there with the top advertising platforms, if not the best.

With the right set-up you can target customers by gender, employment, income, behaviours, age and so much more! Facebook Ads


Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a must-have platform for brands and businesses, with over half a billion users daily. Instagram holds many benefits over Facebook with the quick growth functionality, pages are able to directly follow accounts to then get followed back. This is very effective when used correctly, pages are able to grow in excess of 100+ followers a day through targeted following methods.

Using Facebook and Instagram allows your advertising efforts to become more advanced, Facebook brought out Instagram which now allows us to market and interlock the two platforms.

Ultimately Instagram’s most effective use is with organic growth. Small businesses massively benefit from this, enabling them to build a well known brand with a low budget.


Twitter Marketing

Twitter is very a powerful social media platform for new businesses looking to make an impact without waisting months growing reputations. Twitter’s wide use of hashtags alongside there real-time feed, makes up for an extremely interactive social media platform for businesses.

Twitter has a massive following of more than 330 million monthly users, and 45% of them users are seen to be active on a daily basis. This just shows how important a good twitter page is for business.

Attract customers with competitions

Competitions are an extremely effective way of growing a quick social media following. This tactic is used by many marketing companies and business marketing teams.

We found using instagram for competitions was most effective but this can vary depending on your audience and goals.

Competitions can be anything from, video contests, best posts, like and comment lucky picks, best captions and so much more…

To be successful and significantly grow your social media using competition marketing you must have a clear plan before you start. They are so widely used now, many people have lost trust in brands applying such methods if done incorrectly.

Our best advice would be to promote it using every audience you have, including email subscribers, all social networks and website adverts. Give prizes away too people who are going to be more likely to continue to engage with your page or brand in the long-term. Reach out to entrants to keep them as trusted loyal followers of your brand.

Become part of your community

Regular outreach to potential customers and past buyers will help you become a well recognised member of the online community. staying as active as possible and keeping your brand name constantly appearing on there feed will only reward positive results within your business marketing.

Build trust within your community and not only will your social media grow but your overall business sales will with it.

Reach out to industry influencers

Developing a strategy of reaching out to influencers will pay big dividends down the line. Without spending thousands on advertising, there is no possible way of reaching out to an audience similar to influencers and with a great reputation.

It does not have to be online. Attending meet-ups, events and conferences are all ways to stay up to date and relevant to industry experts/influencers.

Twitter can be an amazing resource for reaching out and becoming an active part of influencers feeds. With Twitter, Influencers are conversationally active and it is not uncommon for smaller businesses to make a big impact with influencers.

Hashtag! Hashtag! Hashtag!

There is no better way to organically reach your target audience than hashtags. social media platforms allow users to post dozens of targeted hashtags, instantly reaching out to audiences.

Hashtags are important but using the correct, relevant tags is what will truly take your growth to the next level. Just like when researching website keywords, you must put time into hashtag research and continue to alternate your tags to keep growth rate high.

For example, if I was a hairdresser based in London, On a basic guide I would need to research tags related to the industry, local tags, and similar audience tags. Two examples would be #londonhairdressers #hairstyle.

grow your Social media with us!

Social Media Marketing

These are some good guidelines to get your social media marketing started. If you get stuck along the get in touch and Zuonic Media will be here to help!

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