Managing SEO – Keyword Analysis

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facebook marketing specialist analysing data-driven results

Organic Keywords

SEO is arguably the most effective digital marketing technique today.

The key to successful search engine marketing is achieving keyword relevance since this is what the search engines strive for – to match the combination of keywords typed into the search box to the most relevant destination content page.

We use deep analytical tools to identify the best keywords. For example common types of car insurance qualifiers:

  • comaprison/quality – compare car insurance
  • adjective (price/product qualifiers) – cheap car insurance, woman car insurance
  • intended use – high mileage car insurance
  • product type – holiday car insurance
  • vendor – churchill car insurance
  • location – car insurance UK
  • action request – buy car insurance

Popular car insurance keywords according to google keyword planner tool:

  • car insurance: 450,000
  • car insurance quotes: 161,000
  • classic car insurance: 151,000
  • cheap car insurance: 145,000
  • compare car insurance: 109,660
  • temporary car insurance: 47,000
  • young drivers car insurance: 9,000

This just shows the importance of ranking well for high volume keywords.

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