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Our trained PPC Professionals know how important it is to get the right traffic to our paid adverts. We use in-depth analytics to target the right audience and create successful campaigns. Google Adwords is quickly changing and becoming more difficult to understand and implement.

PPC Advertising can sometimes seem impossible to businesses and without the correct setup you will begin to throw away the pounds and receive no real benefit. Allow our team to get you set up and start achieving the results you deserve. We remove all the stress trying to work and manage faulty campaigns.

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Pay Per Click advertising is a very effective solution to gaining targeted customers and keeping costs low. With PPC you only pay when your ad is clicked on and you have full control of your budget, taking away any chance of over spending. 

The team at Zuonic Media are very passionate about Pay Per Click Advertising, our experts are able to get you set up in a matter of hours. allowing your sales to take-off with your first campaign. Our main source of PPC is done through Google Adwords but we also cover Bing, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Paid Adverts.

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PPC advertising specialists covering a wide scope of Pay per click. We are ready to perform in-depth analysis to improve your advertising campaigns with advanced marketing techniques.

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We have experimented with thousands of google ads campaigns, we have a sure way to success. Just follow us and we’ll show the way. By using advanced tools we can research the latest trends in your market space and get the best keyword information for your industry. By doing this we are targeting your direct audience, giving our campaigns the best chance of appearing right in front of customers to get you sales and leads. 

The Adverts we create our filled with stunning content and the best creative design to surcharge your click through rate.

Types of PPC

Paid Search Adverts

With PPC ads you no longer need to put the long term time and effort into building an organic ranking to get your business in front of customers. With instant results and the ability to only pay when you get clicks for real targeted customers, it can be the perfect solution for your business.

Paid Social Adverts

Marketing budgets can be tight for businesses and keeping costs down is essential to a long term success. Social Ads and pay per click are the solution, targeting by locations, age, occupations, interests and so much more we can get straight in front of your customers with your chosen auction budget per click, keeping you away from over spending.

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Instagram, Facebook, linkedIn, Youtube and more..

Marketing Analytics

Google Analytics gives us the data needed to manage businesses digital markets effectively.


dozens of businesses have gained googles top spot with our organic marketing techniques.