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Our SEO strategies are built around your business to guarantee maximum results are achieved. We have have an outstanding track record of reaching the top spot in google, with a strong long term partnership in mind we will most definitely expand your business growth online.

We have what it takes to rank high in search results and more importantly remain there. We use only the best white-hat techniques and are constantly updating our skills in SEO to keep ahead of the industry. Zuonic Media are the leading SEO agency in Aylesbury driven by results.

About SEO

Search engine optimisation is the process of getting your website noticed organically, and ultimately the results of this when done successfully, are a steep improvement of website visitors and acquisition. 

To help your business excel and get the most out of SEO we use white-hat techniques and obey by google’s lastest algorithm updates. There are currently over 200 ranking factors for SEO which is why it has become so competitive, and Google are constantly updating there search engine algorithms. 

True Organic Professionals

360 SEO Agency In Aylesbury

Our SEO consultancy offers a 360 approach to SEO, leaving no stone un-turned. Our proven search ranking results clearly underline our success as an SEO Agency in Aylesbury. We take a calculated approach to on-site SEO, Technical SEO, Content Strategy, Link Building and Keyword Research.

On-Site SEO
Technical SEO
Content Strategy
Link Building

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

SEO tactics Dedicated to your Business

Our SEO Agency will make sure you get as much traffic from organic search on google as possible. A website has no use if you are getting no visitors. By ranking you highly on google search you will gain the cheapest form of regular visitors to your website which is why Seo is so appealing to businesses for long term growth.

Zounic Media start analysing your business by performing a full website review and SEO audit. This allows us to find and fix issues, getting you off to a flying start. As your SEO marketing agency we will provide you a 360 approach including keyword research, technical improvements, content creation, back-linking and monthly reporting with data analysis.


Technical SEO is the website optimisation that allows your site to become crawl-able, accessible and understandable. It is all the technical aspects of your website. Our team put a practical focus on improving website speed. This essentially makes the overall user experience better for customers. 

Technical SEO has a big impact on your overall google SEO rankings. Without clean, readable code your website will suffer in organic search. We have seen time and time again business owners go through all the stress and optimisation of on-site SEO, but to then see no increases in rankings because they have missed out the technical side of SEO. Correct set-up of technical SEO is a must to rank in any search engine. 


On-page SEO is everything on your website, It is the most important part and so many businesses get it wrong. The right optimisation will yield big results. You need a clear and effective keyword strategy set out so you are signalling your website to appear from specific search queries.

Our SEO consultants are experienced on-site optimisers. We are able to review and improve existing websites, checking for any in-balances, or carry out complete on-site projects to get your website functioning at its best, giving you the best chance of success in the future. 


SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand, with a supreme marketing strategy laid out your chances of success increase 10-fold. In 2020 Content is everything to a business.

Zuonic Media design our SEO campaigns around content, taking a results-driven approach that covers all areas. The content your business puts out must be increasingly beneficial for them as a user.


Link building is an essential part of SEO, It now one of Google’s leading ranking factors, meaning your business will struggle to compete without it. Building high quality and trusted links helps google measure your website authority, and with high authority comes higher SEO rankings.

Over previous years link-building has gained a bad name. This is due to many businesses offering link building strategies that are falsely executed. Through bad linking strategies your business may gain a big increase in ranking. But before you know it google will penalise you for black-hat techniques, ultimately leading to a blacklisted website. Our SEO agency have proven strategies that help your business build links from top UK companies.

Best SEO agency in Bucks. After trying many seo companies, I approached them. However just after a month my website ranks on page 1 for some competitive keywords in the UK and also in other countries.

Kylo James

Fitness Instructor

Zuonic Media have been exceptional in getting me more business traffic and leads. They have increased my google ranking way more than expected. The agency are extremely efficient and communication was brilliant. I will be recommending them to other small business owners!

Rebecca martins

Hair and Beauty salon owner

We have used Zuonic Media for the past year and seen a growing increase in our website traffic. They have steered us in the direction and looked after our business marketing from the start. They keep us up to date with problems that occur and advice on how we can improve our web presence. Highly recommend and can save you thousands against other SEO companies.

Elaine ramsay

Delta Paintballing

I have used Zuonic SEO for the past 6 months. Sam has technical knowledge and strong expertise in SEO. He and his team helped us grow and get increasingly better results in terms of Search Engine Optimization. I also hired them to improve our Website and create landing pages to improve our sales. Zuonic Media provide a great service and value for money.

Joseph clay

BM counselling and health

Types of SEO

Local SEO

Local Companies located and serving there local community. We increase your search traffic locally, within your near by search area. Whether it's a coffee shop or a doctors, local SEO is crucial to dominate your local market

International SEO

Companies and businesses offering services to clients based internationally, or companies expanding and looking to dive into international markets to grow their business worldwide.


E-Commerce SEO is for people selling online products, we create killer campaigns aimed specifically at E-Commerce to maximise search engine results.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has quickly become one of the most popular and powerful types of SEO, now being mobile optimised is a significant ranking factor and a must in the digital age.

SEO Audit

When it comes to SEO a Website Audit is essential to figuring out your strengths and weaknesses for your site. finding out your website problems allows us to set you up for a positive future ahead.

New Website SEO Plan

Every new website is designed we with our SEO experts to make sure you are off to a flying start on launch. Technical SEO has a big impact on overall organic ranking so essential for long term success.

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