The need for an integrated digital marketing strategy

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The scope of digital marketing is widening and becoming increasingly pervasive, yet the integration of a digital marketing strategy into business and marketing strategies often represents a significant challenge for many organizations. A possible explanation for this is that typically organizations have considered digital media and technology in isolation and sometimes try to bolt-on digital marketing initiatives, often creating separate teams to manage digital marketing.

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There are many aspects of managing digital media and technology which are still a challenge for many larger organizations included:

  • Gaining buy-in and budget consistent with audience media consumption and value generated;
  • Conflicts of ownership and tensions between a digital marketing team and other teams such as traditional marketing, IT, finance, and senior management;
  • Coordination with different channels in conjunction with teams managing marketing programs elsewhere in the business;
  • managing and integrating customer information about characteristics and behavior collected online;
  • achieving consistent reporting, review analysis, and follow-up actions of digital marketing results throughout the business;
  • structuring the specialist digital team and integrating into the organization by changing responsibilities elsewhere in the organization;
  • time to market for implementing new functionality on a site;
  • insourcing vs outsourcing online marketing tactics, i.e search, affiliate, email marketing, PR;
  • staff recruitment and retention.

Ultimately, it is important for organizations to integrate all of their strategic plans and it is important to understand clearly how and where the digital marketing strategy fits into the organizations overall business plan.

digital marketing strategy

Structuring a digital marketing strategy

The Internet and the digital era have heightened the importance of strategy, But encouraged businesses to be cautious, businesses should focus on when developing their strategy. We believe that the growth in the use of digital media and technology would make it harder to create and sustain competitive advantage and suggested six principles which could help to sustain a distinctive strategic position:

  • Start with the right goal which is grounded in real economic value.
  • define a value proposition, which is unique but, importantly, deliverable.
  • do things differently; create a distinctive value chain.
  • be prepared to make trade-offs, tailoring a firm’s activities to outperform rivals.
  • create a fit between what the company does, where it wants to be and the resources available.
  • establish continuity. planning decisions follow the distinctive position set out by the original goals.

These all remain fundamental to a digital marketing strategy. In addition to these functional elements of a digital marketing strategy, brand development is also important.

Personality is not just what you stand for, but how you choose to communicate it. It is also the way to recconect your customers, partners, employees, and influencers to the soul of your brand in the new social media era.

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